Arabella Goddard, pianist, by T. R. Williams, c.1857. Stereo daguerreotype. Brian May Collection.

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Keynote Sessions: Denis Pellerin

We are delighted to announce the title for the keynote session by Denis Pellerin at Universidade Lusófona. The specialist in Stereo Photography will deliver a presentation titled: The Stereoscope: Claudet’s “general panorama of the world”.


Antoine Claudet opened Britain’s second photographic studio in April 1841, and by 1845 he had already photographed hundreds of aristocratic and middle class customers as well as dozens of personalities, celebrities and royalties. When the refracting stereoscope was introduced at the 1851 Great Exhibition he was the first photographer to advertise binocular portraits and three dimensional views of the Crystal Palace. To the end of his life he championed the “magical instrument” and wrote extensively about it. Claudet was not only a talented photographer and a populariser of stereoscopy whose 3-D portraits still delight viewers today; he worked relentlessly to improve photographic technique and processes and he even experimented with 3-D movement. He could simply not be absent from a seminar devoted to all things stereoscopic.