Arabella Goddard, pianist, by T. R. Williams, c.1857. Stereo daguerreotype. Brian May Collection.

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S&I Media 2018 Exhibition: Imersivo | Immersive


Imersivo | Immersive

S&I Media 2018 Exhibition

Curators: Victor dos Reis and Rogério Taveira

Venue: Fine Arts Society, Lisbon

Dates: 29 June 29 to 21 July

We are glad to announce the six projects selected for our very first exhibition Imersivo | Immersive:

Daydream Nation, Sandra Zuzarte Ferreira

This multimedia installation, created after Gerhard Richter’s work, suggests the deconstruction of a stereoscopic visualization process and a reflection on the act of seeing itself, while evoking the Schrödinger’s paradox to illustrate the creation of ghosts and simulacra.

Wandering Gaze, Ana Teresa Vicente

This project explores the relation established between the observer’s gaze and a certain image. Through the use of eye-tracking technology, this interactive installation suggests the suspension of gravity by a hidden force through the experience of a prosthetic gaze that pierces the observed object.

Passagem, Ana Catarina Teixeira

With this work, the artist seeks an approach to sleep, creating interactions between the concepts of vulnerability and human existence. This sound installation reflects on sleep as a verge state between two worlds and falling asleep as the moment of exterior absence, evoking the threshold between life and death.

Eccentric Spaces, Águeda Simó

This video installation explores the plasticity of stereo depth and its immersive qualities. Stereo depth can be manipulated to create eccentric dimensions and reveal hidden worlds that only exist inside the stereoscopic projections.

Atmosmancy, Ivo Louro

Atmosmancy is an immersive sound installation that explores the sonification of environmental data on climate changes and atmosphere pollution in Portugal. Atmosmancy transforms this monitored and projected data into corresponding sound streams, spatializing them via 10 audio speakers.

Her Fears / Her Dreams, Jennifer Crane

Series  of  stereoscopic  photographs  (7”x  3”  archival  pigment  prints)  based  on  historical  views  of  western  Canada and on the  photographic  archives  of  William  Notman,  who  owned  and  operated  one  of  the  largest  photographic  studios  in  Canada  during  the  nineteenth  century.