Arabella Goddard, pianist, by T. R. Williams, c.1857. Stereo daguerreotype. Brian May Collection.

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S&I Media and Museu do Chiado present: Carlos Relvas — Views of Portugal

S&I Media’18 is proud to announce its partnership with Museu do Chiado to organize a stereo photography exhibition of one of the most renowned Portuguese pioneers of Photography: Carlos Relvas (1838-1894). The exhibition ‘Carlos Relvas — Views of Portugal. Photography exhibited in Lisbon, Paris and Vienna (1868-1874)’ will show how stereoscopic and monoscopic photography were simultaneously displayed in the first exhibition of the Portuguese Fine Arts Society that dared to include photography on its walls. From 1868 to 1874 Carlos Relvas started an international career that included his participation in three exhibitions of the French Photographic Society and in the Universal Exhibition in Vienna. To present this early period of his work this exhibition will combine vintage prints and photographic albums with old stereo viewers and a VR installation that will enable the visitor an impressive immersion in his first studio and a new perspective on the 19th century Portuguese monuments, landscapes and portraits.