Arabella Goddard, pianist, by T. R. Williams, c.1857. Stereo daguerreotype. Brian May Collection.

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S&I Media Final Programme

Final Programme for 2018 S&I Media Conferece is already available!

This year we will have a nineteenth-century inspired daguerreotype studio. You will be able to witness this amazing process and take the result home with you!

As in our previous edition, there will also be 3D film screenings! Edgar Pêra, Esther Jacopin and Florent Médina are some of the experimental 3D cinema directors S&I Media will feature. You will also be able to talk with the directors in a debate following the screenings.

We planned a visit to the Museum of Mechanical Music, next to Lisbon, which has a collection of more than 600 sound and musical items that move exclusively through mechanical systems from the late 1800s to the 1930s. In 2017, the Museum was awarded the Visitable Colection and Best Website Awards by the Portuguese Museology Association. Visitable Colection Award distinguishes “public or private spaces, with the presentation of a set of cultural goods that follows all the standards of communication, security and conservation”.

You can check all the Programme details here.