Cover: Carlos Relvas, [Self-Portrait], c. 1870 Stereoscopic Wet Collodion Plate, Casa Estúdio Carlos Relvas, Golegã, Portugal
Photo edited by Rodrigo Peixoto. Design by Rute Muchacho

Cover: Alfred Fillon (Lisboa) - Arrival of Queen Maria Pia, Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, 6th of October 1862. Albumin print stereoview. João José P. Edward Clode Collection.
Photo edited by Inês Fernandes. Design by Rute Muchacho

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Book The Third Image. Stereo Photography in Portugal:

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The first comprehensive study of Portuguese stereo photography, covering 31 collections from 9 different public museums.

International Journal of Film and Media Arts: Special issue on ‘Stereoscopic and Immersive Media’

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