Arabella Goddard, pianist, by T. R. Williams, c.1857. Stereo daguerreotype. Brian May Collection.

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Photo Gallery

Getting ready for a tintype during S&I Media’16

S&I Media’16 keynotes (Larry Schaaf, Denis Pellerin and Nicholas Wade) and some presenters portrayed by Luís Pavão during our visit to his amazing studio (Lupa) in Lisbon. Thank you so much Luís!

Ready for a stereo presentation!

S&I Media’16 visit to the Frederick Flower calotype archive in Lisbon. In the photo: Margarida Medeiros, Alexandra Encarnação, Victor Flores, Larry Schaaf, Nicholas Wade, Emília Tavares, Ana David, Denis Pellerin

Handling a photographic plate in the wet collodion studio set during S&I Media’16


A stereo by Gerlind Lorch taken at the stereo exhibition of Francisco Afonso Chaves at the Museum of Chiado during S&I Media’16.

Stereo & Immersive Media’16 ‘official’ group portrait at Casa Relvas, Golegã