Os cineastas como performers — desde o cinema mudo de 1890 até ao live cinema atual [PT]

Ana Perfeito e Bruno Mendes Silva


The goal of this article is to defend that now a days (with the use of digital technologies) filmmakers can also be performers — playing on equal terms with musicians in real time shows. They are able to create and tell stories in the moment, manipulating visuals elements trough analog and digital tools — such as midi controllers and softwares computers.


In the first part, we trace a state of art since the beginning of cinema (1890 with the silent films) until the present moment with the genre Live Cinema — explaining the evolution of the manipulation of images in live shows, and how the filmmaker could be or not consider a performer. 


In the second part, we tell the whole story about the Portuguese audiovisual collective “Moda Vestra” and their live cinema performances — where the filmmaker adopted the same role as the musicians (a performer). We also explain their methodology for creating a narrative with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion — and how they “play” it in real time.


At the end, we purpose a new genre that could be called real time cinema. “Cinema” because all the structures and intentions of this genre goes according to the traditional cinema. “Real Time” because the audiovisuals elements are created and mixed in the moment — considering the filmmaker a performer.


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