Info for Delegates

Guidelines for presenters / FAQ’s

1 – How long must each presentation be?

Each oral presentation is allocated 20 minutes. Please make sure not to exceed this limit. Session chairs will be advised to keep a strict timing.

2 – How can I present?

  • a) You can present in real time on the original date and time listed for your session. In this case you will be showing your presentation by sharing your screen. However, we request you to upload your presentation (Powerpoint files only) in a S&I Media Google drive folder until 3 days before your session*. This file will provide us with a backup in case you need to turn off your video due to signal limitations.
  • b) You can record your presentation in advance. We suggest this solution in case you need to better control your time or to prevent any technical problems. If you choose to pre-record your presentation you will have to upload your video in a S&I Media Google drive folder until 3 days before your session*. In any case, your live participation will be much appreciated in the Q&A section that will follow your panel presentations.

3 – In what languages can I present?

S&I Media’s official languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish. If you choose not to present your talk in English, we highly recommend the adoption of English in your Powerpoint presentation. This will ensure a larger audience to your talk.

4 – How can I prepare my stereoscopic images for presentation?

If you are presenting stereoscopic images, please note that they should be processed in anaglyph format. In case you need assistance in processing your stereos, we can offer that service for up to 15 photos. Send your stereoscopic photographs to until 7 May. Each image file must be 1920×1080 pixels (HD). Once you receive your anaglyph images you may start creating your Powerpoint presentation.

5 – Will my session be recorded?

All S&I Media sessions will be recorded and available for our delegates after the conference.

6 – Which online conference platform will be used?

S&I Media will use Zoom for all its plenary and parallel sessions. In case you don’t have it, please download it before your presentation (free). Our S3D Short Film Festival will be streamed through Vimeo Pro.

7 – How can I promote my presentation on social media?

You can use your presentation’s “hash-dash” code* to promote your session on social media. * Each presenter will be assigned a S&I Media Google drive folder and its corresponding link will be sent by email along with the hash-dash code of his presentation. Please tag your file to your presentation by naming it with your presentation’s “hash-dash” code.

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