The conference is organised by the Early Visual Media Lab, a cross-disciplinary research lab focused on the study and digital mediation of visual media heritage, from the research center CICANT at Lusófona University.

Organising Committees

Victor Flores, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University (Chair)

Paper sessions

  • Cláudia Madeira, Ph.D. FCSH, Nova University
  • Filipe Luz, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Filipe Figueiredo, Ph.D. FL, University of Lisbon
  • José Gomes Pinto, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Jorge Bruno, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Luís Cláudio Ribeiro, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Manuel José Damásio, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Paulo Catrica, Ph.D., FCSH, Nova University
  • Rogério Taveira, Ph.D. FBA, University of Lisbon
  • Soraya Vasconcelos, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Teresa Mendes Flores, Ph.D. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Victor dos Reis, Ph.D. FBA, University of Lisbon

Special Events

  • Denis Pellerin, London Stereoscopic Archive
  • Rebecca Sharpe, London Stereoscopic Archive
  • Rachel Nordstrom, University of St Andrews

S3D Short Film Festival

  • Érica Rodrigues, MsC. ECATI, Lusófona University
  • Esther Jacopin, Ph.D., independent researcher, France
  • Mariana Duarte, Media Arts doctoral student

Virtual Art Gallery

  • Ana David Mendes, MsC. Galeria Banco das Artes, Leiria

Assistant Producer

  • Carolina Martins


  • Cecil Marvin, ULHT
  • Oleksandr Lyashchenko, ULHT
  • Matheus Goulart, ULHT

Marketing and Communication

  • Cátia Cruz, Communication Sciences doctoral student


  • Rute Muchacho, ULHT

Photography and Video

  • Inês Fernandes
  • Mariana Duarte

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