[Fair of Loures, pottery]

Stereoscopic negative, gelatin and silver on glass, 4,3 x 10,5 cm

Inscriptions ingraved on the negative: “532. Marçal da Silva [signature]”.
Inscriptions on the record book Photonegativos. Catálogo n.º 1: “N.º 532; Data 23 Julho 1911; Hora 13 3/4; Luz Sol; Objectiva Vérascope; Diaph. 8; Suporte Agfa Chromo Isolar; Assumpto Loures. Feira. Louça; exp. 1/125’’; Revelação Ducancel Pyro acetona”.
[Number 532; Date 23 July 1911; Hour 13 3/4; Light Sun; Lens Vérascope; Diaphragm 8; Medium Agfa Chromo Isolar; Subject matter Loures. Fair. Pottery; Exposure 1/125’’; Development Ducancel Pyro Acetone].

Related documents: stereoscopic slide, gelatin and silver on glass, 4,3 x 10,5 cm and print on direct collodion or gelatin paper, 4,5 x 10,8 cm.

The negative glass was broken, so it was intervened in 2016 when it entered the Municipal Archive of Lisbon – Photographic.
The restoration process included cleaning the glass support, made with cotton and a solution of destilled water and ethyl alcohol in equal parts, as well as cleaning the emulsion with a puff pear. The fragments were bonded with gelatin, stabilizing the broken glass support. Neutral paper frame was applied over the emulsion and sealed with a backing glass and neutral adhesive tape. The negative was packed in a numbered conservation package.


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