Karto Gimeno: urban immersive thresholds [ES]

Ruth Barranco Raimundo


Between September 16 and 27, 2020, a new edition of the Asalto International Festival of urban art was held in the city of Zaragoza and against all odds.

This multidisciplinary call that was marked by the global pandemic of COVID-19, focused on the popular Barrio de San José the interventions of its invited artists and was used by the digital artist Karto Gimeno (1964, Zaragoza) to experiment in his artistic creation, with the city limits. Starting from his photographic universes, fed from surrealist painting, cinematographic narrative, Media Arts and folk tales, this creator here merged his stages of experimentation in the interior space, with the opening of immersive thresholds in exterior spaces and urban ensembles. Through interventions on the architectural skin, created with high resolution digital impressions applied to facades, he opened eventual interdimensional windows that for the passerby meant a personal narrative to be completed. In these events, psychological outdoor spaces were shown, which emerged like a wormhole, connecting the city with free nature and ruin as a trace of memory, proposing to the observer an immersion in their own and collective unconscious.

His creation, moreover, full of liminal spaces, is full of suggestions and secret corners that flirt with common immersive images in our individual psyche – umheimlich spaces, hijacking the Freudian definition – and the intense relationship between place and person, studied by the philosopher. German Martin Heidegger in the cabin.


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