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Photo credit: Centenary olive tree, by Carlos Relvas, 1873.
Stereoscopic albumen print. Casa dos Patudos - Museu de Alpiarça Collection

A unique venue for S&I Media’20: the 19th Century Studio-House of Carlos Relvas

casa relvas 2

The Studio-House of Carlos Relvas was conceived in 1873 as a temple dedicated to the art of photography and is the only of its kind worldwide. It’s a two-storey house with an iron and glass structure, fully restored in 2003 and in 2018, that includes a large Victorian photographic studio, labs, elegant lobbies and exhibition rooms, refined studio furniture and expensive 19th Century cameras. Carlos Relvas was a pioneer in the Portuguese photography and produced amazing collodion stereographs in the 1860’s. We are proud to have the last day of our conference in this historical studio!

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Talks in 3D!

Stereoscopic projection will be available at the conference. The conference will offer you the opportunity to present your talk in 3-D if you feel inclined to. The digital images for these 3D presentations will be expected by April 18, 2020. Send us your images with a 300 dpi resolution to the email

S&I Media’18 group portrait

The group portrait of some of the participants in the Stereo & Immersive Media International Conference 2018. Saturday, 30 June at Universidade Lusofona by the photographer António Rebolo.

O retrato de grupo a alguns dos participantes da conferência Stereo & Immersive Media 2018. Sábado, 30 de Junho, na ULHT pelo fotógrafo António Rebolo.

A Dag Studio at S&I Media 2020

A nineteenth-century inspired daguerreotype studio will be installed at the conference venue, Universidade Lusófona.

Thanks to LUPA – Luís Pavão Lda. (, you will rediscover one of the first techniques of photography and take the result back home with you.

This unique experience will take around 2 hours, during which you will be invited to participate in the several stages of the process: polishing the brass plate, preparing a pose with clothing and props of your choice, exposure of the plate to iodine vapors to create a light-sensitive surface, image development, fixation and gilding, and finally the packaging of the plate in a case specifically designed for this event.

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